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Reference 1

Having worked with Mary for over 4 years at the vets, I know the service she offers will be of the highest standards possible.  She has proved herself to be trustworthy, reliable and is confident around all animals (except spiders).  Mary always treats animals gently and with great care making her very popular with both our clients and their pets.  I have  no hesitation in recommending Pet Tenders to anyone looking for help with their pets.

Friday Enabulele DVM MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon at Selsdon Veterinary Surgery



Reference 2

I have known Mary for 6 years and have only every known her to be honest, trustworthy and most importantly reliable.  I have a mixed bunch of animals that include chickens and lizards.  It is re assuring to have Mary to care for them in my own home as they are not animals that can be easily transported. It is a relief to know that with her veterinary experience if ever a medical problem arose, I know she would be able to deal with it. If you want to a day out or a holiday but want to know that your pets are in their own home being cared for, you know with Mary, that's guaranteed. Her personal service to your required needs ensures that.

Julie, Selsdon



Reference 3

I have known Mary for many years.  During this time she has cared for my 2 Pug dogs, Mr Bumble and Sophie.  I have always found her to be very caring and she has a wonderful way with my dogs. Mary is very trustworthy, reliable and flexible to the needs of my dogs. I can recommend her.

Judy, Selsdon



Reference 4

I'm very happy with the service Mary provides, she is very flexible and my dogs appear to like her very much. When I first met Mary I was pleased on her knowledge of animals dogs especially! I guess that does help though being practice manager at a local vets and ex veterinary nurse. Mary has also clipped my puppies nails once and was willing to answer any questions I had when training her (she is now 6 months old). Mary now walks my dogs twice a week and her prices are very reasonable. My dogs aren't the cleanest of animals and in more recent months I have come back to an almost clean house! (which is great) so I know that Mary has been cleaning up any mess she may/has found. I'm probably the most interfering customer she has as I am very protective over my dogs and how certain things are done, everything I have requested Mary has been happy to accommodate. When she has been concerned about anything she hasn't hesitated to contact me regarding it, an example of this would be when she noticed my Dalmatian not being himself and text me straight away to raise her concern, I really appreciated this as I knew what to expect when I returned home from work.

Jenna, Caterham



Reference 5

I have found that Mary has been extremely reliable, caring, honest and trustworthy and would be very happy to recommend her to other animal lovers to care for their pets should their need arise. I appreciate the fact that she is able to administer medication to one of my pets and that she is happy to water my house plants also whilst we are away.

Yvonne, Selsdon



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